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For raw materials, however, it is more complex to prevent infestations, so usually we proceed by introducing calibrated quantities of chemical products in the packaging, to keep away moths and other pests.

However, traces of chemical agents remain present on the fibers, and it is necessary to eliminate them after the weaving process. The substitution of these substances with products or other ecological solutions with the same properties, would allow the reduction of polluting substances in the waste water, with a consequent decrease in purification costs.

Moreover, it would guarantee the company the opportunity to improve the quality, acquiring suitable certifications that attest the lack of harmful substances that can cause skin irritation and other health problems.

(Inoltre, garantirebbe all’azienda la possibilità di migliorare la qualità dei propri prodotti mediante l’acquisizione di idonee certificazioni che attestino la mancanza di sostanze nocive in grado di provocare irritazione cutanee ed altri problemi di salute.)

To find a solution to the problem, were made various test on the resistance on different types of packaging to the action of pests, both on the raw material and on the finished products.

We have also started a collaboration with the University of Bergamo, to identify innovative technological solutions, as well as substances with a lower environmental impact for the conversation of raw materials, finished products and during finishing process. The next step will be the replacement of some of the chemicals used for washing our fabrics. In particular, those used for the removal of the oil on some types of horsehair, with ecological substances and adoption of techniques that allow their use in smaller quantities. All these developments will bring, in few years, to the certifiability of the entire Rovagnati productions as “Green”.

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