Located in the astonishing Brianza area, precisely in Mariano Comense near Como, there is the historical headquarter of a manufacturing company that produce high quality interlinings since 1947. This company is the Rovagnati Vincenzo S.p.a., the only producer in Italy of classic Interlinings, still owned by the Rovagnati family.


A garment factory can surely find in the Rovagnati Group the interlinings requested, following the needs of any technician/designer. Thanks to its own spinning and finishing, we are able, in a short time, to create any yarn with the required titles and compositions. The creation of special finishes, both in terms of dimensional stability and of products with low formaldehyde content (below the 70ppm), makes our article unique in their kind.


Rovagnati Vincenzo S.p.a. is a company with a complete vertical production, which includes the entire production cycle of traditional interlinings, starting from the preparation of the fibers and the making of the yarns in its own spinning mill. The warping and the subsequent weaving procedure, with rapier weaving looms, complete the creation of our fabrics, which will then be realized in the finishing department with high-tech machinery.

OEKO-TEX Certification

We have obtained OEKO-TEX certification for the years 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and are currently being updated for 2024.


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